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Diesel Fuels (DERV/ULSD)

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) is a distillate fuel manufactured from selected crude oils and carefully blended to impart desirable performance related properties to the fuel, such as quick starting, smoke control and reduced particulates, whilst providing exceptional low temperature operation and protection from injector and pump wear.

ULSD is designed for use in both high and medium speed diesel engines. It exceeds the latest requirements of the relevant British and European Specification BS EN 590 and fully meets UK, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel specification. Operating at low temperature can be maintained when fuel properties are seasonally adjusted.

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  Minimum Maximum Typical
Appearance Clear   Clear
Water Content, PPM - 200 50
Density @ 15 °C, kg/m3 820 835 829
Cetane Number 51 - 52
Cetane Index 46   52
Filterability (CFPP) °C Winter - -15 -19
Filterability (CFPP) °C Summer - -5  
Viscosity, Kinematic @ 40 °C, mm /s (cst) 2.0 4.5 2.52
Sulphur, % Wt - .005 .004
Copper Corrosion, 3 hours @ 50 °C - Class 1 Class 1
Flash Point, (Closed Cup, PM) °C Above 55 - 67
Carbon Residue, on 10% distillation residue, % Wt - .30 <0.01
Sediment, % Wt - 0.01 <0.01
Ash Content, % Wt - 0.01 <0.01
Oxidation Stability, g/m3    25 5
Lubricity, HFRR (Cec-F-06-A-96) Micron    460 370

Distillation Characteristics

  Minimum Maximum Typical
% Volume Recovered @ 250° C - <65 30
% Volume Recovered @ 350°C 95 - >95

Product grade switch over Winter to summer grades Gas Oil 10ppm and Diesel EN 590 when and from where? 2018/2019

The switch over from Winter grades to Summer grades at the terminals was from 16th March

Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP)

The cold filter plugging point for gas oil is -4 degC for summer and -12  degC for Winter.

For Diesel, the cold filter plugging point is -5 degC in summer and -15 degC for the winter.

Cloud Point

The Cloud point for gas oil is 3 degC in summer and -2 degC in Winter.

The Cloud point for Diesel is 3 degC in summer and -5 degC in Winter.

The switch overs are as below.


16th March to 15th October Ex Refinery

16th March to 31st October Ex Road Terminals


16th October to 15th March Ex Refinery

1st November to 15th March Ex Road Terminals

Note that the switch over from Winter to Summer is the same date for both refinery and terminals. That is because winter grade is fine for summer use, it is only the reverse that can cause an issue.

Note also that with ambient temperatures at 0 degC (as across the UK recently), both fuels would look cloudy (see above cloud points for summer) but there should not be any associated filter blocking problems.