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Bradley Smith & Prince Harry
Bradley Smith & Prince Harry

Caption: "To Mark and all at Nolan Oils, Thank you for your great service"
Bradley Smith #38

They delivered our oil within a matter of hours!
We are new customers to Nolan oils, having recently moved house. We had no heating or hot water last Monday due to low pressure. Our oil tank was starting to get low and we thought this could be the reason. Having called Nolan Oils mid morning explaining we had no heating / hot water. They delivered our oil within a matter of hours!

Considering the freezing temperatures we've been experiencing we are so very grateful to them and will definitely be using them in future. Fabulous customer service.
Lisa J.

You fabulous people...
Hi, you fabulous people...

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for topping up my late dad's oil at Parkside, Chesterton this afternoon, you have saved my poor husband from a night freezing his bits off and me from having my ears chewed off lol!!!

I have said it before and I will say it again, you guys are just the best... thank you so, so much.

Customer service is seriously lacking in so many businesses today, thank you for always, always being one of the best :)

From one extremely grateful customer, thank you again. Louise

Thank you for your email and recommendation.
Someone else recommended him to us, and he has just been out and fixed for us. We too fully recommend him, after 2 and abit months of being without hot water on and off, and spending a fortune, Richard came out this morning and within an hour we were back up and running. And no extra parts needed.

Once again, thank you for your reply. Merry Christmas.

Thank you
Just a short message to say thank you for delivering my oil today (22nd Dec), unfortunately your driver was unable to make a delivery on Thursday (20th Dec) because the road was not passable and the driver had to abort his attempt.

I thought I would have to wait until after Xmas but you delivered on Saturday morning.

Thanks again.
Alan Y.

We've made her Christmas
Mum called today to say thank you very much for the excellent service and the fast delivery to her daughter.

She has had a rough time this year and she said we've made her Christmas by ensuring her, and her 4 young children, are warm this Christmas.

A huge thank you to you guys
Good morning,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys. I am notoriously bad at not knowing when I am running out of oil as my gauge doesn't work, so I am usually calling you up in desperation.

This was again the case on Saturday morning. I was fully aware that this is your busiest time so when I was advised it may be Monday or Tuesday I completely understood, however I was extremely surprised and very happy to have it delivered that weekend.

I really do want to say a very big thank you, you have really looked after me in the last year.

May I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

One very happy customer. :)
Best Regards Candy

Gas Bottle Order - Thank you so much
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and also an extra thanks to the driver as we had not left the drive way clear today and it must have been an effort to collect the empties and move the new one into place- very much appreciated as I have just got back from work in the dark and it has really made my day that someone has done this for me. Thank you so much.

All in all excellent service
Many thanks for the delivery of oil on 24 October.

The driver was as efficient and helpful as ever plus I much appreciated your prompt response and the call to advise when it would be delivered.

All in all excellent service for which we are most grateful.

I have this evening paid in full which should be in your account in the morning. Any issues do not hesitate to call.

Although it is not the cheapest item we buy on a regular basis, your team minimises the pain! It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Excellent Service
Thank you for this invoice, I have taken a copy.

Thank you, though in particular, for your excellent service. I had inadvertently used all the oil at my disposal meaning that your prompt attention was really appreciated by using the small delivery vehicle.

Furthermore, your driver was very helpful, chatty and cheerful - give him a pat on the back.

Hitherto I have tended to use the Merton Oil Buying group although I have now asked them to take me off their data base.

Next time I will certainly obtain a quote from you and hope you will be competitive.

You have never let us down
Early yesterday morning we ran out of oil (our fault entirely) and my husband rang up to ask for an urgent delivery as we have his 99 year old mother living with us. We returned home after shopping about 5pm and to our great surprise the delivery had been made. We certainly didn't expect it yesterday. We are just wanting to say thank you for your great service. We've dealt with Nolan for many years now and you have never let us down.
Thanks again, Carol

Good customer service
Staff at Nolan Oils - I just wanted say thank you to the staff for being so helpful in my time of need. I think you have turned around our order in about 3 working days. Adey has delivered about an hour ago. Good customer service.
Regards Stuart

Thank you for sorting our oil delivery
Good afternoon

I just wanted to say thank you for sorting our oil delivery as quickly as you could over the snowy weather, you have some very skilfully drivers.

It really helped being able to collect some oil to see us until the Monday.

Your office staff are so helpful and have the patience of a saint.

Many thanks once again.

Wonderful service
Just to say thank you for your wonderful service. Our oil was delivered on Sunday morning, first thing, we really appreciate the extra hours that all staff clearly worked, to ensure delivery during the freezing weather.

Wow. What a service.
Thank you for sorting Shirley out yesterday I woke up this morning to see a Nolan Oils truck outside. She was over the moon and extremely happy with the amazing service you have provided to her. Thanks again Mark I really appreciate everything you've done.

Polite and efficient
Dear Liz

I just wanted to personally thank you for sorting this deliver out for me at such short notice. Your driver rang me prior to delivery as requested and was polite and efficient. You managed to deliver when you said you would and I'm very grateful.

My experience in dealing with you has been polar opposite to the unpleasant and rude people (especially Ann who hung up on me) at Boilerjuice who let me down so badly last week by not only missing the deadline and not having the courtesy to tell me they couldn't fulfil their obligation, but then went on to make up ridiculous lies about obstructions and parked cars, etc, when I'd been at the house all day. They provided no apology or explanation and the whole experience was thoroughly unpleasant, unlike the seamless and efficient service you have provided.

So, I just wanted to thank you and your delivery guys. Please pass the message on.

The best customer service...
Received the best customer service today at Nolan Oils - it could have been a very cold or very expensive weekend for us but they saved the day - at no extra cost. It's great to be rewarded for loyalty and I even had a demonstration of how to get my boiler working again. Many thanks from the Laurence family!

Many thanks for getting us out of a spot today.
Due to me not checking the tank level, we ran out of oil last night. I called your office at mid morning, and the oil was delivered within the same day. This has meant that on the coldest night of the year, we'll be basking in the warmth of central heating, and not sat huddled up in fifteen jumpers around a panel heater.
Again, thanks, Alec

Thank you very much for the help...
Hello Sadie,

Thank you very much for the help that you and your Transport Manager, Paul, provided last Thursday at Jersey Cottage. Paul was very accommodating, checked that the oil tank for water ingress and stayed whilst the boiler engineer tested the boiler. By the end of his call-out everything was working - and, as a consequence the house sale competed on Friday as planned.
Best, Ian & Anne-Marie Groves

We have found you a fantastically easy company to work with
We are shortly about to move house.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your service for the years we have lived in Fringford. We have found you a fantastically easy company to work with - whether placing an order, settling an account or speaking to the delivery men. You have turned around orders at short notice when we worried about our oil levels. We will certainly advise the new family to continue to use you for their oil supplies.

Thanks very much for all your help.
Best wishes, Cathy

A big thank-you
A big thank-you for getting oil to me yesterday. Service was second to none and I would recommend Nolan Oils to anyone I speak to.
Mr S from Garsington

Many thanks for your excellent service
Hi Sadie,

Many thanks for your excellent service. You delivered the oil without me even knowing about it - talk about stress free! I now have all radiators on full and all is well. Thanks again and I'll let you know when I need some more.
Kind regards, Dave

You guys came to my rescue...
I phoned after the delivery to thank you for your prompt, friendly and efficient service. I was in a state of emergency having moved into a house with barely a dribble of oil in the tank and you guys came to my rescue a full 24 hours earlier than the earliest you first said you could manage it and even that first promise was a FULL WEEK earlier than your competitors!

You have my vote of confidence forever!

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2017.

Thanks once again and see you again next year!

You exceed my expectation by a mile...
As usual, you exceed my expectation by a mile - promising delivery in 3-4 days, and actually delivering in 3 HOURS!!

Thank you for your brilliant service

This morning at about 10 o'clock I ordered 1000 litres of heating oil, and was told by the young lady that it would be delivered one day this week.

It was delivered at 5 past 3 this afternoon, that is 5 hours after my phone call - that is brilliant service.

Please pass on my thanks to your staff for such service.

I must admit that in the past I have usually received my deliveries the next day and never later than 2 days between order and delivery. As I have been a customer for the last 20 years rest assured I will not be going elsewhere; the level of commitment to your customers shown by your staff is too good. Please do not tell the good folk of the area how good Nolans are you may get swamped with orders,on second thoughts they probably deal with you already, if not they should.

Once again thank you for your brilliant service.


Truly exceptional service
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the fantastic service today! - I phoned up at 0830 this morning as we were out of oil, to place an order for 2000l and was both astounded - and absolutely delighted - to see the tanker on our driveway at 0930. Truly exceptional service.

Thanks to the whole team who made it happen.

They really do go the extra mile...
I have been using Nolan Oils for over 10 years continually. They really do go the extra mile, literally, to get deliveries through often in difficult circumstances. Their service levels are good and I post this review unprompted in response to another moment of particular good customer service. Thanks for all your help lads. As a private individual and the director of a local property lettings business I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Colin Barton

I am extremely grateful for your prompt response...
Dear Julie,

I am extremely grateful for your prompt response. I was cold and fed up but all frustrations melted away in a hot bath tonight. Thank you very much for getting the delivery to me today.

Is there some way of setting up an automatic delivery with Nolan oils? Where you periodically top up the tank so I don't have to constantly worry about it?


Excellent Service
As always, excellent service, your driver/fueller delivered at 14.00. I will always use Nolan Oils for my heating fuel, no other company would go the extra to help out a dozy customer who ran out of fuel at the weekend. Thank you all.

The swift arrival of fuel ahead of the original delivery date saved the day!
I would like to thank all the Nolan Oils team for their recent delivery to Orchard Cottage, Station Road, Blackthorn. Our heating system was faulty and oil was being consumed too rapidly. The swift arrival of fuel ahead of the original delivery date saved the day! Since then the heating has been fixed, thank goodness.

We appreciate your responsiveness and helpfulness.
Dear Julie,

I called Nolan Oils on Saturday and wrote to you early on Monday to request an urgent delivery of oil because I believed that we were almost out. When the delivery man arrived on Monday, he advised us that we have nearly half a tank left and no need for more oil (especially in view of the fact that our oil tank is being replaced tomorrow).

I simply want to thank you and your delivery man for coming to our aid. While we were mistaken about the urgency, we genuinely believed that we needed the oil. We appreciate your responsiveness and helpfulness. You offer something more that oil, and that's peace of mind!

So please accept my apologies for the false alarm and my gratitude for your exemplary service.
Kind regards and best wishes, Michael

Thank you! - Happy New Year!!
Dear Julie, I wanted to say a big thank you to your and the team for delivering our oil yesterday. We really appreciate the amazing service from Nolan Oils especially as we have a house full for Christmas.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas to all!

Amazing Service
Just had oil delivered....amazing service!

Less than 16 hours since ordering it.
Many thanks, Mick

Brilliant service
Just writing a massive thank you all at Nolan oils. Sorry I haven't managed to before, but better late than never. A couple of weeks back we discovered a distinct lack of oil in the tank... normally this would be bad but bearable. This time though we had the whole family coming that weekend, cousins, uncles, grandchildren the lot. I was not happy! We rang you on the Thursday morning, begging for any help you could give. Monday was really the best you thought you could do but you said you would try to fit a delivery in if possible. Well, we had a full tank by 8.00am Friday morning and a very happy customer who, when people arrived for the party, could cook on her Rayburn with out a care.

Thank you.


5 working days??
I think it was less than 5 working HOURS when you delivered!

Astonishing. Many thanks will pay online ASAP.

Thank you
Half past one this morning - cold in bed - radiator not working. No oil ********
Left a message on your answerphone at 0730 and at 1100 we have oil.
Sincere thanks to you all,
Michael D Noke

Thank you for your very generous donation...

On behalf of the charity I would like to thank you for your very generous donation of an auction prize to the Inaugural CBTF charity ball.

» View the letter

Children's Brain Tumor Foundation

Thank you for your personal attention.
What can we say other than a truly humble thank you for your personal attention to our call for help on Sunday 05 January.

If only all trades and their principals were as conscientious as you and your organisation there would not be any adverse remarks regarding trades looking after customers.

To relieve us of worry that our tank is not going to empty itself provided the most welcome relief especially now we are in the winter period.

Would you please arrange for a Watchman to be installed as soon as possible and we will dispense with the sight glass system until the summer when we will request you fit a new outlet valve assembly by emptying the tank and refilling. This means we will be able to monitor and order by ourselves.

We shall be pleased to receive your invoice for the callout especially as it was Sunday.

Once again thank you very much for your continued excellent services.
Mr G (Customer for over 30 years), Grendon Underwood

Thank you so much for your incredible service.
Having run out on Saturday, we placed the order on the same day and unbelievably received our oil that very same day, only 4 days before Christmas. Everyone was brilliant, from sales staff to driver, I can't thank you enough.

Christmas Delivery
Hello - Having received your Christmas letter, I thought I ought to send my usual email to ask for a top-up whilst the weather is fine. I know we probably aren't scheduled for a delivery yet but, in view of past experience when your delivery lorry became snowbound outside our house, I thought we should probably err on the side of caution!

As usual Nolan Oils have provided an excellent service!!
Ordered our heating oil last Saturday afternoon and it was delivered today (Tuesday).

Very many thanks for such a great service (I can see why we have always used you !!!)

I'd happily recommend your company...
Hi, Just to confirm, I wish to close my account. This is purely due to moving house, where oil isn't required.

I'd like to take this opportunity, to say how happy we have been with your service. I'd happily recommend your company and use you again in the future.

Kind regards

That was a real lifesaver...
Thank you so much for your kind help on Thursday evening delivering 500 litres for my tank!

That was a real lifesaver and this is to confirm that I have cancelled my contract with XXXXXX Fuels after 17 years and I have changed to Nolan Oils.

I will be in touch and also for a cleanup of the tank before next fill up. Now have padlock on the
cap. Once again my appreciation for your prompt emergency service!!!


Your excellent service is really appreciated.
I was delighted to take delivery of oil within hours of placing my order last week. The delivery guys are always very pleasant and I really appreciate your fast and efficient service.

Thank you very much for bringing forward my delivery
Thank you very much for bringing forward my delivery of oil in this cold spell - especially as we ran out on Saturday.

Please let whomever know we are most grateful.

Kind regards
Christopher F

Many thanks to your company for this excellent service
Dear Sir or Madam,

All too often customers are quick to complain. I would like to redress this position with the following:

On Monday 25th March I had need to source a quick guaranteed delivery of domestic heating oil this week, due to low supplies at our home and my wife's cancer which means that she feels cold very easily and we cannot afford to be without heat in the home.

At approx. 10a.m. I spoke to Julie who explained that current lead times would indicate a delivery next week i.e. 7/8 days later. A reasonable lead time. However if I was prepared to pay a premium of £25 then she would guarantee to deliver this week i.e. by Thursday. I agreed to pay the surcharge, somewhat apprehensively, believing that the delivery may not happen as promised.

At 2p.m. approx. on the same day 25th March I saw a Nolan tanker outside our home... and therefore the guarantee not only met but exceeded my hopes and requirements.

Many thanks to your company for this excellent service.
John S. Smith

Absolutely brilliant...
Just wanted to say what a fantastic service. We had our heating oil stolen so were left without any heating or hot water. I phone you the next day and the oil was delivered before lunchtime. Absolutely brilliant and we are so grateful and now much warmer!!!
Mark G

What a great oil delivery man
Hello there - What a great oil delivery man.

I just happened to be painting a window opposite when Nolans arrived and he was so careful... the complete opposite to the previous delivery !

Many thanks.

Delivering within half an hour of us phoning...
Just would like to say thank you very much for delivering our oil within half an hour of us phoning on a Saturday morning! Your customer service is second to none! I have always and will always use Nolan Oils and recommend them to everybody!
Mrs. Dowdall

I am so impressed.
I am a new customer, just moved into our house 3 weeks ago and unfortunately ran out of oil last Thursday evening.
I called nolan oils on Friday morning and ordered 1000 litres, delivery was estimated to be Wednesday this week.
I was delighted to see the tanker backing up the lane before 11 oclock this morning!

Fantastic service, I am so impressed.
Many many thanks.
Dawn (Wingrave)

Thank you
Thanks for all the help and advice regarding firing up my boiler due to me running out of oil last weekend, the ability to collect oil from your depot is ace and the speedy refill on Monday was also excellent. Many thanx Nolan Oils, you're my #1 oil service.
Colin Davies

We were very impressed
We were very impressed with your friendly and speedy service yesterday. We would thoroughly recommend Nolans to others.

Thank you for keeping us warm and looked after.
Kind Regards

That was less than 24hrs!!
That was less than 24hrs!! Are you superhuman?
Thank you - oil delivered today - look forward to invoice then I will pay.

A Company that really cares about the customer.
We cannot thank Nolans enough for the brilliant service you have given us today. Within 24 hours of order our tank was transformed from empty to full.
It was the first time we have dealt with Nolans and will definitely not be the last. Just goes to prove how much a family run business has such important values.

Thank you so much. Highly recommended to everyone.

Saved us from Freezing...
Thank you so much for coming out in all the grim snow to deliver my oil following a last minute plea first thing on Friday morning. Delivering it late that same afternoon saved us from freezing to death over the weekend.

Fantastically Prompt Service
Just wanted to say thank-you very much indeed for a fantastically prompt service.

Also please can tell me the cost of a new battery for my watchman oil level monitor and Postage/Packaging cost, I am happy to fit myself.

Thank-you and Regards,

Within 4 hours of my call we have oil!
Just a quick thank-you for delivering so quickly. Within 4 hours of my call we have oil!

And then, just a short while after, your man comes to fit the Oil Watchman I ordered too!

Hopefully this means we won't keep having to call you in a panic!

Thanks again.

Thank you so much...
Dear Deb,

Thank you so much for this. I am so sorry that it has all been such a huge misunderstanding and want to thank you and Mr McKenzie for coming up with such a wonderful solution. We really do appreciate your excellent service and I am sure from now all everything will run smoothly.

With very best wishes (and huge relief),

A HUGE thank you
I just wanted to write and say a HUGE thank you to you for coming to my rescue and delivering us some oil at very short notice today! The lady on the phone (sorry I can't remember her name) was so helpful and the delivery man very friendly. The oil arrived less than 3 hours after I had phoned you and I am not even a current customer of yours - brilliant!

I called Nolan because my current oil supplier (Total Butler) was most unhelpful and said they could not deliver until 20th March. I have been using them for 13 years so hoped I would get a little more help than I did. Needless to say I will not be using them anymore and am switching to Nolan in the future. Also I will not hesitate in recommending Nolan to my friends.

Thank you so much again and keep up the good work!!

Kind regards
N P, Ickford

Thanking Sarah for her extraordinary efforts...
My self and my family would like to thank Sarah for her extraordinary efforts on Saturday 3rd of march 2012 in arranging an emergency supply of oil to our house in Horton Cum Studley. It was difficult time , I phoned her after 2:00 pm on Saturday and when she heared what happened when my supplier for 15 years failed to top up the tank for the 2nd time during the last 2 years and left the Tank empty with no oil and without any heating and warm water. In these difficult moments the giant Butler company was not able to supply me with emergency oil, wherease Sarah with her understanding and kind help managed to do what the giant people failed to do. I do not have enough words to thank her , with her great help she managed now to bring a new customer to Nolan Oils.

Kindest regards

Thank you ... for such a prompt and efficient service
Good afternoon,

I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for providing me with such a prompt and efficient service.

Having been let down by my previous supplier I contacted you (only) yesterday asking for an urgent delivery as our tank was very low. I have to admit that you have surpassed all my expectations and I would like to thank you very much for arranging a delivery today; it is a weight of my mind!

Please also pass on my thanks to your driver who managed to find us (not an easy task in itself as we have no signs up yet) and had the presence of mind to contact me on my mobile to confirm he was at the right address.

I look forward to dealing with you again for all my future heating oil needs.
Mr W, Finmere

To all the staff at nolan Oils
Thank you for your quick delivery, it was nice to be greeted by a very pleasant driver with a lovely smile. Good luck to you all and have a pleasant Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Mrs A

Fantastic - Thank you so much...
My Central Heating stops working at 6pm last night because I stupidly ran out of oil... I place an order online about 7pm... and I have a Nolan Oils Delivery Driver at my house before 8am the next morning to deliver my oil... Now that is fantastic service.

I had visions of a cold few days waiting for some oil but you surpassed my expectations completely... Thank you all so much for giving me a warm house again.

Amazing Amazing service... !!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone at Nolan Oils.

That was quick!!
Thank you for arranging such a quick delivery and please apologize to the delivery man as I hadn't cleared the bushes. Hope he got through OK

Wow - fast service - the oil arrived today.
I clearly completely underestimated the amount I could fit in the tank - but based on the speed of delivery/ease of ordering I'm sure I'll get back to you for the next refill !

Nolan Oils were the only company able to make a delivery within four days
Just a little note to say that Nolan Oils was the only oil supplier to have a conversation with me, explaining the procedures normally associated with ordering oil. We are new to an oil fired boiler and of course we ran out of oil just before the cold weather came. It seemed that everyone else ran out at the same time. However Nolan Oils were the only company that were able to make a delivery within four days. Every other company (and I phoned at least 8 companies) estimated a 2 week delivery. Amazingly, the delivery came only a day later and on a Sunday! Nolan Oils was recommended to me and I will certainly recommend Nolan to my friends.

Many Thanks for your super service.

Thank you for getting the oil to us today against all odds!
You have a very cheerful team!

This is just a short note to thank you for my delivery today...
Your company delivers a most excellent service and I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of your deliveryman.
I look forward to many more years of service from your company.

A very Happy New to you and your colleagues.

I can't tell you how grateful we are to you and your company...
Thank you so much for the 500 litres of oil. I now have a warmed up and happy mother. I can't tell you how grateful we are to you and your company.
Once again, a huge thank you.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

My elderly parents are coming for Christmas and they need to be (extremely) warm...
Many thanks for ensuring that the oil was delivered. I am really, really grateful. My elderly parents are coming for Christmas and they need to be (extremely) warm.
Happy Christmas and I hope you are not too tired to enjoy it.

Your intrepid driver made it...
Many thanks for your e mail - in fact your intrepid driver made it to my house today and delivered 750 litres! Please pass on my thanks to all of the team for such excellent service in such bad weather. Merry Christmas to you and all of the people at Nolans.

Thanks for getting oil delivered to us as soon as you did. We really appreciate it. We were out when the delivery was made. Would it be possible to add £20 to the invoice and pay this amount to the driver as a Christmas thank you?
Thanks again, Merry Christmas

Your help and speedy delivery, despite the snow, is appreciated
Our fuel arrived this afternoon - so just a quick note to say many thanks to you and the delivery guys - your help and speedy delivery, despite the snow, is appreciated.
A Merry Christmas to you all.

Thanks for getting out to us
Just a quick note to say thanks for getting out to us last Saturday morning, We knew you tried to deliver earlier in the week but access was not possible due to council works. As it was if you had not delivered early Saturday before the snow came we would certainly have run out and today is Wednesday and vehicles are struggling to get in and out of the village.
Thanks again.

Your heroic delivery men have just made it to my house
THANK YOU VERY MUCH - extra hero points to you all! I am sending a cheque now.
Very best wishes for Christmas to you all.

I have never been so pleased to see an oil tanker!
I have never been so pleased to see an oil tanker!
Thank You so much -oil just delivered. I have never been so pleased to see an oil tanker. Please thank the drivers - what a horrible job to have to do in this weather. I am sure everyone like me is very grateful. Thank you.

Thank you very much for our fuel delivery this afternoon
We appreciate it especially in light of the challenges your company has faced over the last few days with the weather.
Your driver was extremely pleasant and helpful. I didn't get his name, he's a credit to your company.

We were getting desperate for heating oil
Thank-you for such a quick delivery when we were getting desperate for heating oil. Despite hearing of general supply and high demand nationally, within 2 days the oil was in our tank. Has to be the best oil supply company around.
Thanks again.

The panic is over...
Peter, many thanks for all your help today.
I am pleased to say that the panic is over and that the gauge on our tank was not a good indicator of how much oil we have. Having physically examined the tank, we will have sufficient oil until the middle of January and thus do not need an emergency delivery.
Given your help today, I look forward to becoming a more regular customer of Nolan Oils in 2011 and beyond. With thanks again and best wishes for the festive season.

Well done Melissa!
Mr Simmons left a message on the answer-phone. He wanted to say a great big thank you and to let you know he thinks you are fantastic.

"You are all super stars"
Hi Sue and everybody at Nolan Oils
Just a quick note to say a huge Thank You for getting oil over to me today. You are all super stars. I now have heating for the weekend. Having never used oil before I wasn't aware that we had run out... won't make that mistake again!
Everyone was telling me it would be 10-14 days, you said maybe Monday or Tuesday. It was like Christmas when your man turned up today.
What great service.

Kind regards,
(I'm not cold anymore) Karl

I really appreciate your efforts today...
Thank you very much Mark, delivery has just arrived, boiler is back on without a hitch.
I really appreciate your efforts today.

Thanks again

Simply Brilliant
We ran out of oil at 11am, phoned Nolan Oils and by 4.30 we had a full tank - SIMPLY BRILLIANT!

Mr and Mrs Taylor, Grendon Underwood

Excellent service... Great customer service...
Excellent service, received my heating oil delivery the next day after placing order on line Sunday. Great customer service thanks again for saving my heating system from running out!!

Mr Davies - Fringford

Just a note to say thank you for the delivery of heating oil today.
Despite having been my sole supplier for the past 15 years or so, (another oil supplier) were unsympathetic when I realised I was virtually out of oil, quoting me 8th February for an order placed last week. They even suggested I go to a garden centre and get some paraffin!!! Needless to say my loyalty will henceforth be with Nolan Oils.

Many thanks to your driver for what must have been a tricky delivery.

Brilliant once again, getting through the ice and snow and using the nice friendly girl in the offic
Your excellent service is much appreciated by me.

No. 1 company of the year!

Having used the same oil company in the past for 40 years and had so much trouble with them over the last year I am pleased to say you will now be my supplier! Many thanks...

Thank you for your good service.

I am writing to put on record my thanks to the two delivery men who came and filled up my oil tank y
I was amazed that they were working so late, it was after 6pm when they arrived - especially in the dark and bad weather.

I would like to express how impressed I was by my oil delivery today
Such a surprise as I was told on the phone that you were running late which was understandable. So, many thanks to the gentleman and lady that turned up, it proves that some people do put themselves out for others.

Nolan Oils have been good to me a second time, the first being when I had a leak in my oil tank.

Once more a huge THANK YOU and I hope the conditions in 2010 soon improve for you!

Just wanted to say thank you very much for delivering oil to us yesterday, only 24 hrs after we had
We were almost on an empty tank, and had been let down by another supplier, (who still haven't delivered, even though we placed our order with them on 6 Jan.)

The speed with which you responded was fantastic, and we will certainly come back to you next time we need more oil.

Thanks again.

"... I will not be ordering from my previous supplier any more. Why would I?!"
Not realising I had had my oil stolen, I ran out unexpectedly during the big freeze we had a few weeks ago. I called every oil company in the area to find one who could deliver in an emergency. The only one who responded positively was Nolan Oils. Although you couldn't deliver that day as your tankers were snowed in, your driver did manage to get to me a couple of days later at 7am on a Sunday through the ice and snow - what a trooper! I was so grateful for this excellent customer service that I will not be ordering from my previous supplier any more. Why would I?!

A very big thank you
This is just to say a very big thank you for getting the oil to me at 5pm today - the system was out of action and am so grateful for your kindness in getting a supply to me. Its saved the day as we are all oil-cooking, heating etc. - no gas !

A cheque will be in the post tomorrow.

Thank you
I would just like to say a thank you for your excellent service this week during the current poor weather. I had overlooked the amount of oil left in my tank which was all but empty Sunday as the cold weather and snow arrived. After a call Monday morning I had a 1000 litres delivered by late afternoon. Many thanks.

My last experience was with (another oil supplier), who lost my order, was 2 days late, then the driver could not find North Marston, when he did call me for direction could hardly put a sentence together and then only had enough fuel to leave me 300 litres.

I will be using yourself in future based on the excellent service you provided.

Humble thanks
To the Staff @ Nolan Oils.

On behalf of my wife and self I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service in delivering oil to us old people.

Today for the second consecutive time oil ordered by my wife in the morning was delivered at lunch time.

As elderly persons we worry that we might run out of oil and as usual we try to give you at least two to three days notice.

Hence we never seem to make exactly 900 litres delivered.

I will arrange to top up our credit after the break if necessary , however it would appear that our standing order arrangement is working out fine.

Once again many thanks I am sure you do not realise the confidence you give customers such as us.

Happy and successful New Year to you all.